We belive that it is of the utmost importance to help you find your balance. Pain free is just the first step.


Naprapathy, like Physiotherapy treatment, deals with the musculoskeletal system

01 What is Naprapathy?

We focus on mobility and functional ability through examination, evaluation, diagnosis and physical intervention. You can visit us with everything from acute pain and sports injuries to more chronic problems such as pain from office work or studies.

We both hold a Dr. of Naprapathy degree from Scandinavian College of Manual Medicine.

You can read more about naprapathy here!

02 Definition of Naprapathy

”Naprapathy is defined as a system of specific examination, diagnostics, manual treatment and rehabilitation of pain and dysfunction in the neuromusculoskeletal system. The therapy is aimed at restoring function through treatment of the connective tissue, muscle- and neural tissues within or surrounding the spine and other joints. Naprapathic treatment consists of combinations of manual techniques for instance spinal manipulation and mobilization, neural mobilization and Naprapathic soft tissue techniques. The manual techniques are often combined with advice regarding physical activity and ergonomics as well as medical rehabilitation training in order to decrease pain and disability and increase work ability and quality of life.”     


Swedish Naprapathic Association


01 Individuals

For individuals with various types of acute and chronic pain conditions, our clinic is located in the KTH-Hallen.

The first visit takes 40 minutes and the following 30 minutes and it costs SEK 650. For KTH-students the price is SEK 500, for PhD students SEK 550 and for members of the KTH-Hallen SEK 600.

02 Screening for individuals


Do you want to maximize your workout and feel better about yourself?


Using this functional movement screen that we developed for our elite athletes, we will asess your movement patterns and provide you with useful information on how to improve. This in order for you to prevent injury as well as increase your performance level.


A screening takes 60 minutes the first visit and 30 minutes the second visit and costs SEK 1000.


03 Sport Clubs

We work extensively with elite athletes and clubs in many different sports.

Among other things we offer screening to prevent injury and increase performance.

04 Business

For businesses, we tailor your occupational health to improve you staff’s well-being.

Please contact us and let us find a solution just for you!